Status of the OpenEZX project

This page gives you an overview about the status our goals. The following list is the complement to our goals list. Please keep always in mind that this software is in an early development state yet. It is usefull for developers, hackers and users with an addiction to test bleeding edge software. It not usefull for enduser at the moment.

What we have reached so far:

  • Collected and published information related to the Motorola EZX Phone hard- and software on our wiki. Most information is stored here.

  • We have ported most of the drivers to a recent 2.6.x kernel. You can find a nice overview here. This kernel is able to boot and use a lot of the hardware. But there are still drivers which needs more love. Some examples: Mux_cli, the driver which would allow us to make telephone calls, sms and gprs, is not working yet. Bluetooth driver needs some special initialization which is not in place yet. The sound driver needs to be ported from oss to alsa. Find more information on our TODO list.

  • The most stuff is not ready for the mainline tree at the moment. Anyway we need to focus on cleaning up the code step by step and make it ready for inclusion. Out-of-tree development over a long time is a pain.

  • For userspace we have working opie and gpe images. For more userspace application we first need drivers be in place. For example mux_cli for telephonie applications.

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