The OpenEZX project tries to gather information about the Linux-based Motorola EZX phone platform (mainly the A780, E680 and E680i phones).

It further tries to provide a 100% free software stack for those phones, especially a way to avoid any proprietary filesystem and/or device drivers. It also aims to provide a current (2.6.x) kernel with all required hardware support for the EZX phones.

The project is currently in a very early stage, so none of the abovementioned goals have yet been achieved. Progress is going on quickly, stay tuned.

The OpenEZX project is not affiliated in any way with Motorola.


OpenEZX historical archive online again

After the project being inactive since about 2011, and meanwhile the domain name registrations having been expired, Harald Welte has resurrected the OpenEZX website and the project git repositories.

This is of course of very little practical significance these days, but maybe somebody at some point will be interested how one of the first Free Software / Open Source Linux smartphone community projects came about - or even install all that old code as some part of a retrocomputing project.


.com and .net domains renewed for OpenEZX

Arne Voigtlaender (Shoogee Inc.) sponsored the renewal of the and domains.

Thanks to Arne.


.com and .net domains for OpenEZX

Jan Prunk (yang) has kindly reserved and for us. For now these new addresses point to

Thanks to Jan.


New Developer to work on ROKR E6 and Motorola Q CDMA

As we are a small team with a core team of only three people we sometimes suffer from the fact that we only have a limited amount of time we can offer our hobby project.

Getting more people involved is often a good way to spread the load. So we are happy to announce that two new developer have joined the project.

GM Zhuo is working on his ROKR E6 for a long time already. He is now working on getting the E6 in line with the support we have on the other phones and also write new driver like the pcap-rtc.

Timothy Meade is working on the Motorola Q. This is the first non-EZX device we have support for. Normally delivered with Windows Mobile it is pretty similar from the hardware platform, especially using the PCAP2 chip.

Welcome on board guys.

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